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Installment/Term Loan This type of loan will be provided to the members for the purpose of mid-term related enterprises, business, trade, services etc
Remittance is being very essential product for the bank and in the context of Nepal, it is playing vital role to sustain the economy
Bank Guarantee
Bank guarantees are written obligations of the issuing bank (NCBL) to pay a sum on to a beneficiary on behalf of its members in the event that the members themselves do not pay the beneficiary
Chairman's Message
The National Cooperative Bank Limited (NCBL), since its establishment in 2003, has been committed to helping the cooperative sector next its economic aspirations
Chief Executive Officer's Message
Looking at the growth for more than 19 years since our inception, NCBL believes in being responsible Cooperative Bank to promote cooperative principle &
Welcome to 
Utility Payment
Recharge Service NCBL provides Topup &
In order to co-operative stratification, the bank has developed an index to measure the level of institutions
Digital Banking
Internet Banking SMS Banking Interbank Payment System (IPS) Online Standardization Program ATM Card Service Cooperative Fund Transfer
Information Regarding Opening An Account Online In how much time will the account opening done online
Time Deposit
The loan offered in this account is up to 90% of the related account &
Compulsory Deposit
Cheque will not be issued to this savings account
NCBL within its long term strategic direction has developed a Regular Member Counselling Program that typically aims to give extra support to the cooperatives in wide array of cooperative education
COOP Card (Debit Card)
COOP Card is a debit card service that can be availed by member cooperatives to provide card services to its member base
SMS Banking
A member of the SMS Banking service can interact with account information using their mobile phones'
Internet Banking
s Internet Banking System allows member cooperatives to access their account via browser