• National Cooperative Bank Limited - NCBL
  • Corporate office: Kupandol Lalitpur
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Bank AGM

Bank 16th AGM Opening Ceremony

Bank AGM

Bank 16th AGM Closing Ceremony

Bank AGM

Bank 16th AGM Closing Ceremony

Bank Day

Bank Day Opening Ceremony

के.वी. उप्रेती
बद्रि कुमार गुरागाईं
प्रमुख कार्यकारी अधिकृत

सहकारी संघ/संस्थाहरुको प्रवर्द्धन, विकास एवम् बैंकिंग कारोवारको लागि सहकारी क्षेत्रको एक मात्र बैंक

District Coverage:

  • 77 out of 77

Total Members:

    • 11,998 Cooperative Nationwide

Branch Network

  • 1 Corporate Office & 44 Branches


    • Highest Taxpayer Award 2071
    • Highest Taxpayer Award 2072
    • Highest Taxpayer Award 2073

Members Statistic Details

Government of Nepal: 1

National Cooperative Development Board: 1

National Cooperative Federation: 1

Central Federation : 13

District Federation :- 103

Saving & Credit Co-operative: 6296

Agriculture Co-operative: 2132

Multipurpose Co-operative: 1618

Milk Production Co-operative: 555

Others Cooperatives: 510

Womens Co-operative: 518

Consumer Co-operative: 161

Health Co-operative: 40

Hydro Electricity Co-operative: 35

Bee & Honey Co-operative: 9

Education Co-operative: 5


NCBL offers all kind of cooperative for wide range of deposit plans that...

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NCBL offers a wide range of loans to meet cooperative....

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Remittance is being very essential product for the bank and in the context of Nepal..

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Bank Guarantee

Bank guarantees are written obligations of the issuing bank (NCBL) to pay..

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Remittance Services